KADO Internet Service (KIS)

KIS helped to promote businesses in the region. An assessment carried out by the independent team in KADO recorded an average of 30.51% net improvement/growth in tourism, business, services, and other sectors due to the provision of the internet. The internet café/distance learning center Karimabad provided internet facilities for tourists and those locals who couldn’t afford this facility at their houses. Local students who were distant learners were also especially facilitated at this center.

Hunza Meets The World

The KADO Internet Service (KIS) fulfilled the long-lasting dream of the people of Hunza and Nager to become a part of the global information society, with the establishment of ISP in Hunza continued to provide internet services in Hunza and Nagar valleys. KIS remained the only internet facility in Hunza and Nagar valleys from 2004 to 2008. SCO started provision of the internet during 2008 on subsidized rates. However, the demand for KIS services remained higher due to quality in service delivery. The project provided fifty percent discounts on tariffs for educational institutions and nominal charges for Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University students.