The Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC) was formed, in December 1997, as a community response to the civic needs of the growing tourist and business towns in central Hunza; the issue of solid waste disposal was getting worst day by day. KADO initially, through self-help started collection and disposal of waste from across Hunza

Solid waste management program

In 2015, the operation of the project was handed over to the Waste Management Company introduced by the local government.

management programmes

Solid waste management program

Awareness sessions on environment and cleanliness drives were introduced at the school and college level to sensitize and mobilize communities to become active agents of change in safeguarding the natural environment of Hunza. After initial funding support for start-up costs by AKF-UK/EU and NORAD through AKCSP and mobilization of local resources to create an endowment fund, the project was later sustained by its income.