HiMaT ILDP| Indigenous Leadership and Development Program

The HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development Project was born in 2009 out of several years of pilot efforts in Pakistan and elsewhere, informed by lessons learned from poverty alleviation efforts around the world, and given legs through a new partnership between KADO and groups from Europe (HiMaT Grassroots Development Foundation—HGDF) and Canada (Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning).

Our work

The project was launched to establish a prototype training and support center that would work with indigenous institutions, leaders, and communities to build capacity for sustainable human wellbeing and prosperity.  HiMaT over the past 11 years worked across Hunza with some 90 villages and 150 local and area development councils and women’s organizations

This work entails:

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  • To establish and build the capacity of a Rural Development Learning and Support Centre referred to as HiMaT.

  • The purpose of the HiMaT Centre is to develop and strengthen the capacity of rural communities, institutions, and leaders for sustainable human wellbeing, prosperity, and peace in Gilgit-Baltistan, and wherever else the Centre may choose to work.

  • To build a replicable flexible, and sustainable integrated area development model in northern Pakistan, that fosters leadership and institutional capacity to address the full spectrum of the determinants of poverty—whether they be individual or collective. using an approach that engages and embraces local cultural identities and assists local populations.

Community-Based businesses

and Permaculture

With the financial assistance of The Brave Heart International Germany, KADO introduced integrated agriculture practices to ensure food security and organic food in District Hunza. The project established sustainable permaculture research and demo farm to learn how to retain its life for a longer time. A value chain was introduced for perishable fruits like apples and cherries by connecting farmers with superstores such as Metro and other similar chains