Accomplished Projects

PAST PROJECTS ICT4D|INTRODUCTION OF COMPUTER LITERACY IN HUNZA KADO, since its inception, developed different interventions in computer literacy using ICT tools for local development.
PAST PROJECTS KADO Internet Service (KIS) KIS helped to promote businesses in the region. An assessment carried out by the independent team in KADO
PAST PROJECTS Women Handicraft Companies: KADO, with the financial support of SDC, trained 3000 women in handicraft making, marketing, and selling of these products
PAST PROJECTS HUNZA ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE The Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC) was formed, in December 1997, as a community response to the civic needs of
Hunza Arts and Cultural Forum (HAFC): PAST PROJECTS Hunza Arts and Cultural Forum (HAFC): The Hunza Arts and Cultural Forum was established in the
PAST PROJECTS FUND FOR INNOVATIVE TRAINING: In 2009, KADO joined hands with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to initiate a project called “Enhancing