Special People at Work

Currently 55 disabled men are benefiting from the SRC facility. The activities of the SRC vary to include the provision of health and hygiene, education, vocational skills and income earning opportunities. At the SRC, the men have been trained in goat hair rug (a traditional local handicraft known as Sharma). This rug is being marketed locally as well as to the tourist market. Additionally, the men are trained to make paper bags. KADO offers such productive work as a means of therapy and development of self-esteem. Skills diversify to include training in traditional music and the opportunity to form their own music band, which also has income earning potential at cultural events.

The WRC provides services to 25 disabled women, who are also engaged in activities that include basic health care, awareness on hygiene, education, training in vocational skills in embroidery and woollen thread making for the purpose of income generation.

The production levels of the Centers are small, limited and primarily aimed at the local market. Both the SRC and the WRC products are lacking in innovation, design and quality that is conducive to demand of the larger market. Some focus on product diversification may prove to be beneficial.