Rehabilitation Center improving lives of special people

The life of disable is not easy but with the support of people the life can become easier such as the case with the disable people living in Hunza. With the support of community and philanthropist alike, Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) is providing special care to special people through work therapy, socialization and trainings. The livelihood of those people who are attending these programmes are substantially improved as these people are more confident and self actualization and dignity is highly improved and consider themselves a fruitful member of society. According to World Bank financed survey, 1060 number of disable people living in Hunza which is 2% of the total population. Until now limited people had availed the services but the challenge with KADO and society ahead is to provide services to all special people and integrate in mainstream society. KADO is in the process of seeking assistance to help these people to improve their lives.