Hunza Development Forum

KADO is acting as the Secretariat of Hunza Development Forum. This forum was established by AKRSP in collaboration with KADO during the first multi-stakeholder forum in Hunza on 23-24 August 2004. The purpose was to initiate a public deliberation on the major development issues involving diverse groups and stakeholders in Hunza so that a common approach and a framework for collective action could be developed to address long-term development challenges in the valley.

The current TOR for HDF is as follows

  • Organize Grand HDF once in a year
  • Facilitate to form thematic forums ( Business, youth , women , peace)
  • Form working committees for specific tasks.
  • Promote collaboration and interacting between Government, Civil Society and private sector.
  • Share and discuss issues and best practices
  • Provide professional and Organizational Support for different forums
  • Raise resources for organizing Grand Forum
  • Follow up on decisions of grand Development Forum.
  • Prioritize development sector and prepare action plans
  • It should meet every quarter