E-Governance Transparency, Accountability, Participation

In the quest for governments to become more responsive and accessible, E-governance is being looked upon as an accepted methodology by involving the use of IT to improve transparency, accountability and to provide accurate and speedy information to citizens and improve administrative efficiency and public services.

KADO developed the first E- governance website for the office of Assistant Commissioner, Hunza in order to make all sort of relevant information at a click. The idea is to experiment on the concept and its implication that how government and citizens can be brought together and how citizens are more empowered to get the benefit from better services of Government.

The information includes forms, formats, instructions, resources, statistics about the valley, Government announcements and notifications, annual development plans, price list, transport fare lists, electricity schedule and other basic details. The other institutions (political and civil society) will be gradually encouraged to share information so that a culture of accountability and transparency is endorsed.

It would take a lot of commitment and planned efforts on the part of the governments to make the concept work and bear fruit. KADO looks forward to have the first prototype a success and its efficacy will be explored, though it is believed that it is a small step but it is very important step towards improving governance.