Women Vocational Trainings

KADO implemented a women IT literacy project of Planning and Development Department (P&DD) initiated under the presidential package named ‘Women Vocational (IT) skills training in all six districts of Northern Areas’ from 2006-2008. The project aimed to develop a cadre of female human resources equipped with knowledge and skills in Information technology in order to access social and economic opportunities.

KADO was selected as an implementing partner on the basis of its work for women empowerment through handicraft project and its experience as the only organisation of Northern Areas to implement a successful information and communication technology project.

Through this project, 34 I.T centers were established in the far-flung areas of all districts of Northern Areas. The project extensively trained 34 female master trainers in basic and advance computer and IT modules. These IT centres were established with Government girls’ collages, schools, and in some cases with the community-based education systems in order to ensure the sustainability of the centres after project phase. The actual target of the project was 3,400 students but the project successfully trained 4,208 students in basic computer skills.