Hunza Environmental Committee HEC

The Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC) was formed in December 1997 as a community response to the civic needs of the growing tourist and business towns in central Hunza, where in the absence of any municipal agency, the issue of solid waste disposal was getting worst day-by-day and there was no mechanism to arrest the situation and manage the problem. After initial funding support for start-up costs by AKF-UK/EU and NORAD through AKCSP, and mobilization of local resources to create an endowment fund, the project now sustains its operations through user-fees and other local resources.

What we do?

HEC executes the first and only community-based municipal service in the country. Its approach to solid waste management is distinctive in that it has used an innovative approach by linking local voluntarism and technical capacity of a local NGO with the social responsibility of the private sector while keeping close coordination & linkages with the local administration/government.

The SWMP service covers around 8 villages (including the two larger towns of Karimabad and Aliabad) in central Hunza. Almost 90 % of the clients are from the business community; shopkeepers, traders, cabins, hotels, restaurants, barbershops, auto workshops etc. Other clients include; Institutional/organizational clients like hospitals, offices, Schools, Colleges, Banks, Mosques/Community Centers etc. and a small number of individual households near the roadsides are also users. By the year 2008, the total number of users has reached 1,491 (886 registered and 650 unregistered).

HEC is playing a vital role in creating awareness regarding the environmental issues in Hunza and other parts of Northern Areas. World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every years in collaboration with local administration, Ismaili Volunteer Corps, Boy Scouts, Girls Guides, Hunza Business Association, schools and other organisations.. The project also conducts awareness programme and special campaigns against wall-chalking, over-weight chicken, drugs and other issues with the support of local partners.

HEC organizes frequent dialogues and discussions with political representatives, government officials, social activists, butcher shop owners, chicken shop owners and other relevant stakeholders to develop proper hygienic mechanism for these businesses.
Documentaries and special talk shows are regularly telecasted through the local TV channel Suju Hunzo in order to create awareness among the local community.

HEC is lobbying with Government in order to declare major towns of Hunza as Municipality. HEC with the help of local administration imposed ban of all type of wall chalking in Hunza.

HEC, during 2008, installed traffic sign boards in Aliabad main market with the support of Jan Alam, District Councillor in order to channelize the flow of traffic.


KADO is looking forward to develop partnerships in implementing projects on Climate Change, disaster management and other cotemporary environmental issues.