Project Strategies HiMaT IDLP

  1. The establishment and continuous development of a Regional Learning and Support Centre consisting of a mobile team providing training, coaching, linking and ongoing technical support services guided by community-led participatory planning and evaluation processes
  2. Building and strengthening local and area based institutions (VOs, WOs, LSOs and other appropriate organizations)
  3. Conducting continuous participatory situation analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation (quarterly cycles of engagement with all stakeholders)
  4. Stimulating and supporting multi-sectoral social and economic development activities
  5. Emphasizing the role of women and girls in the development process
  6. Strengthening motivation and buy-in through “quick-win” processes
  7. Stimulating enterprise development that contributes to financial sustainability of area institutions
  8. Developing strategic partnerships that connect the “top-down” and the “bottom-up”
  9. Building on, strengthening and respecting the cultural foundations of development
  10. Establishing a regional “Community of Practice” (i.e., a learning community) that engages all stakeholders (local, area, regional, individuals, institutions, government, civil society, business) in continuous reflection, learning and improvement of regional development processes