Partners HiMaT IDLP

The HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development initiative is being implemented by three partner organizations as follows:

  1. The Karakorum Area Development Organization (KADO) is based in Aliabad, near the ancient capital of Hunza, and will serve as the primary implementer of the prototype HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development Centre.
  2. The Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning, based in Canada, will provide technical expertise in curriculum development for the training institute, in participatory community engagement processes for comprehensive planning and ongoing evaluation, and in coaching social development and community health interventions.
  3.  HiMaT Grassroots Development Foundation, based in Pakistan and Europe, will provide business coaching and mentoring expertise, as well as bridging and linking services to connect on-the-ground activities to technical support, resources and know-how from around the world.