HiMaT ILDP Indigenous Leadership and Development Program

The HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development Program is focused on building the capacity of remote rural communities, institutions and leaders for sustainable peace, prosperity and wellbeing in Northern Pakistan. How? Through the services of a regional training, coaching and support Centre and the creation of linking partnerships that strengthen indigenous social and economic development processes.



  • To establish and build the capacity of a Rural Development Learning and Support Centre referred as HiMaT.
  • The purpose of the HiMaT Centre is to develop and strengthen the capacity of rural communities, institutions and leaders (including women and youth) for sustainable human wellbeing, prosperity and peace in Gilgit-Baltistan, and wherever else the Centre may choose to work.
  • To build a replicable, flexible and sustainable integrated area development model in northern Pakistan that fosters leadership and institutional capacity to address the full spectrum of the determinants of poverty—whether they be individual or collective; material or spiritual; economic, social, cultural or political—using an approach that engages and embraces local cultural identities and assists local populations to build on who they are and what they have as they develop capacity for sustainable improvements in life and a voice in shaping their own future.


HiMaT Program Principles

  • Development comes from within.
  • The realization of human and community potential comes about through the exercise of human volition.
  • Authentic development is always holistic, integrated and organic.
  • Learning is the primary engine of development.