Board of Directors/AGM


In governance, KADO has at present a General Body (GB) which comprises of 61 members representing various segments of KADO’s stakeholders. The General Body in turn elects an eleven member Board of Directors (BoD). KADO’s current BoD is comprised of individuals from development, business, academia and law. One third of the BoD members retires every year and replaced by an equal number from the GB. This arrangement is instrumental in ensuring that fresh blood is inducted in the BoD at regular intervals without compromising the institutional stability.

The BoD supports the organization through building linkages, overseeing programme and financial performance, giving guidance when needed and setting policies.

Board of Directors

  1. Mr. Amjad Ayub – Chairman
  2. Mr. Ainul Hayat – Vice Chairman
  3. Ms. Bi Bi Naeem – Director
  4. Ms. Taj-Un-Nisa – Director
  5. Mr. Muhammad Muzaffar – Director
  6. Mr. Ali Madad – Director
  7. Dr. Babar Khan – Director
  8. Mr. Aman Ullah Khan – Director
  9. Mr. Ataullah Baig – Director
  10. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa – Director
  11. Mr. Abdul Rasheed – Director

Annual General Members

Name Name
Mr. Amjad Ayub Ms. Najma Farman
Mr. Ainul Hayat Mr. Ghulam Mustafa
Mr. Bi Bi Naeem Ms. Naushad Tahir
Ms. Tajul Nisa Mr. Amin Khan
Mr. Muhammad Muzaffar Mr. Izhar Ali Hunzai
Mr. Ali Madad Mr. Ikram Ullah Baig
Dr. Babar Khan Mr. Ijlal Hussain
Mr. Aman Ullah Khan Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan
Mr. Ataullah Baig Mr. Ijlal Hussain
Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Mr. Sher ALi
Mr. Abdul Rasheed Mr. Zeenat shah
Mr. Sher Alam Mr. Rehmat Karim
Mr. Hoor Shah Ms. Ijlal Hussain (Shahaab)
Mr. Didar Ali Mr Tehzeeb Hussain
Mr. Jane Alam Mr. Sultan Madad
Mr. Ibrahim Dr. Kawaja Khan
Ms. Farhat Bano Ms. Noorani Bano
Ms. Lal Bano Mr. Javed Akhter
Mr. Sherbaz Khan Mr. Abdul Malik
Ms. Meher Kamil Mr. Jalal Ud Din
Mr. Sajjad Haider Mr. Ghulm Amin Beg
Mr. Nawab Ali Khan Mr. Iftikhar Hussain
Mr. Jaan ALam

Ex. officio Members (LSOs)

Title/Name LSO
Chairman Mountain area support organization (MASO)
Chairman Gojal rural Support Organization (GRSO)
Chairman Shimshal Natural Trust (SMT)
Chairman Chupurson local Support Organization (CLSO)
Chairman Ganish Development Organization (GDO)
Chairman Baltit Rural Support Organization (BRSO)
Chairman Hyderabad Rural Support Organization (HRSO)
Chairman Golden Jublee Organization for Local Development (GOLD)
Chairman Shinaki Area Development Organization (SADO)
Chairman Altit Development Organization